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Firearm Deaths of American Minors:
Perceptions vs. Facts

By Andrew Goddard

Firearm Deaths of American Minors Perceptions vs. FactsA study of firearm deaths of young people written by VACPS Board Member Andrew Goddard was recently published by the University of Richmond's Public Interest Law Review.

You can read it in its entirety by clicking the button, but here's the abstract:

Firearm violence is now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of eighteen. This article demonstrates that widely held misconceptions about the true nature and extent of this violence have led to legislative proposals narrowly tailored toward firearm violence in schools, despite facts and data showing school firearm violence to be a small fraction of the problem. These misconceptions are caused by both the narrow focus of national media attention and the deceptive propaganda of the gun industry. The article concludes by examining several bills proposed during the Virginia General Assembly session of 2022 to show how many of the solutions that legislators are proposing are not only ineffective, but also potentially harmful.

10 years ago... We will never forget.

Watch a discussion about the ramifications of the Supreme Court's recent decision related to carrying guns

Recently, The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health held a panel discussion following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in NYSRPA v. Bruen.

Webinar experts discussed:

  • How the requirement that courts evaluate Second Amendment cases using solely text, history and tradition disregards public safety.
  • Research that shows more relaxed concealed carry laws lead to an increase in violent crimes in addition to shootings by police.
  • How gun laws relate to mass incarceration, the unequal burden of gun violence and how that may be exacerbated by the Supreme Court’s decision.

Watch the video:

Our friends, the very talented Richard Spano and Jim Bulleit, have gifted us with a song to honor and remember
the children massacred in Uvalde.

Learn about a new approach to addressing gun violence

97percent weblogo

The 97 Percent Is a New Voice in the American Gun Debate.

New voices. New commitments. New approaches. Our mission is to reduce gun deaths by expanding the conversation around gun safety to all Americans, and by leveraging technology to make all of our communities safer.

Our profound thanks to

The Thrifty Quaker

Thrifty Quaker

The Virginia Center for Public Safety (VACPS) has been gifted a generous donation from the Midlothian Friends Meeting through their thrift shop - The Thrifty Quaker

What Lessons Can We Learn?

From RetroReport.org:

In the 80s, the attempted assassination of President Reagan and the shooting of his press secretary, Jim Brady, sparked a call for gun control. Decades later, are there lessons from that effort for the students who survived the Parkland shooting? 

We'll Never Forget...

Parkland victims cropped

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