About us


People use guns but, in a sense, guns use people too. When we have the technology for violence easily to hand, our choices are skewed and we are more vulnerable to being manipulated into violent action.
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

The Virginia Center for Public Safety is a non-profit, non-partisan grass roots organization dedicated to the reduction of gun violence in Virginia. VACPS strives to accomplish this mission through awareness, education and advocacy. VACPS members represent a cross-section of racial, religious. professional and political groups. 


  • Strengthen individual knowledge and skills to prevent gun violence.
  • Publish and distribute newsletters to educate and increase awareness about issues of gun violence.
  • Lead discussions with school and community groups.
  • Provide youth oriented videos and educational materials dealing with gun violence and prevention.
  • Survey and publish views of legislators and candidates on issues relating to firearms and gun violence prevention.
  • Advocate conflict resolution as a peaceful alternative in disputes.
  • Build partnerships with youth advocacy groups.
  • Build strong coalitions among like-minded groups, individuals, and organizations to strengthen our effort..
  • Work closely with legislators to plan and support measures that help prevent gun violence.
  • Promote gun owner responsibility and punishment for those who misuse firearms.
  • Support the passage of sensible gun laws.


  • Education and training of firearms purchasers and users.
  • Safe storage of firearms in the home.
  • Restrictions on where concealed weapons may be carried (i.e., recreation centers, events where alcohol is served).
  • Severe penalties for firearm possession or use when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
  • State licensing of dealers with requirements for storefront operations and liability insurance.
  • Regulation of secondary sales and transfer of firearms.
  • Strengthened regulation of gun shows.
  • Consumer product safety review of firearms.


  • Restriction of the responsible use of hunting and sporting weapons
  • Abolition of handguns